Some news are bigger than others. And the Supporter news (together with the second team option) from last week was definitely that. Bigger than others.

It was a busy week. So to say.

And on the forums (and facebook) a lot of things was said about the new Supporter tiers. About the second team option.
Many did like the news with the new Supporter, many showed interest in the new Platinum tier and some were really looking forward to re-play the game with a second team. Then there were some who did not really like it, some that would’ve wanted other solutions than the one we’ve opted for, some arguing for us to protect smaller leagues related to second teams. And a whole lot more. All in all some 3000+ posts only in the Global forum. Which is a remarkable amount of posts.

But what’s even more remarkable is that despite our news being quite controversial the atmosphere on the forums has been fantastic. The tone in all these posts has been friendly and very respectful, including those who disagreed with something. For an internet forum of this size, that’s actually something out of the ordinary these days and it just makes me feel very glad. And proud.

You guys and girls are really something extra. You really are. Respect! (And thanks for showing there’s still hope for the human race. :))

So, there was a busy week last week. But it was also a really great week, it really was. I know there are some posts we haven’t been able to answer on and some that we can’s answer on yet. But as I mentioned on the forums, there will be more information about the second team rules closer to the launch. Where league restrictions and distribution information will come sooner, and other technical details (such as promotion/demotion rules if both teams are to play in the same league) will come later.

Moving on, our focus for the coming weeks is of course the second team feature. And wrap up the ladder competitions project, too. My main personal focus for now is to make a final decision around the rules how second teams should be able to join leagues and then the distribution around that. Which is a challenge, especially as more users than I expected showed interest for really small leagues based on a poll in the Platinum Supporter forum and that some users want us to “protect” small leagues at the same time.

And psst. I hope you also noticed we have a new shop, and that you enjoy it (in the way you can enjoy a shop, that is). It’s been a really big project in itself and as it was released together with all the other news I guess it lost some attention it’s probably worth. And I don’t know, but it can have feelings as well – so make sure to at least notice it a little bit. Ok? Ok.