Stats rundown

I mentioned on the Global forum last week that I would tell you a little about our next project now (brand new user introduction), but before doing that I thought we should have a stats rundown. Because we can. And because deep down we all just love stats.

The last couple of weeks we’ve released additional clubs and ladders, so here’s some fresh stats about that.

All in all, we have 21500 additional clubs right now. Quite fantastic I have to say. Germany is the origin of most additional club managers, followed by Switzerland, Italy and Holland. Some “top lists”:

Leagues with most additional clubs
1. Germany 1011
2. Switzerland 762
3. England 734
4. France 644
5. Italy 582

Leagues with most “native” additional clubs
1. Germany 748
2. Switzerland 663
3. France 532
4. Holland 380
5. Italy 338

Leagues with most “foreign” additional clubs
1. England 639
2. Scotland 464
3. Ireland 434
4. USA 421
5. South Africa 340 (same as some other leagues)

Over to ladders. We’ve played ladder matches for a week now and there are some interesting figures to share. During the first ~24 hours after the release there were around 25900 challenges made. Today, for the last 24 hours we’ve had 43500 challenges.

More than 50.000 users play in one (or more) ladders now, 24.000 users joined during the first 24 hours. There are participants in 2248 ladders (there are 2835 ladders). And all in all 178.500 ladder matches have been played. Quite impressing!

Now, it will be interesting to see how things develop now when challenges aren’t free tomorrow. The activity will probably drop, but even so we’ve had a really nice start I think and it’s cool to see that many users trying this out.