The winter takes and the winter gives

Winter in Sweden in general means a temperature below zero and snow. I like that. It also means colds, fevers, flus and other diseases. I like that less.

For my own part I haven’t picked up anything so far (which is normal as I very rarely get sick), however you can’t say the same about my kids. Kids also have this tendency of putting these disease “records” on repeat, they just go round and round and…you get the picture. So, the last couple of weeks it feels like I’ve been at home taking care of sick kids just as much as I’ve been at work, and I know more of my colleagues have shared the same experience lately. Or been sick themselves.

But this week I made it down to Malmö at least. Among other things we had a bigger meeting around the new Supporter feature I mentioned in my last blog post. We’ve ran into some technical problems with it (or rather things related to it), which have delayed the whole project. And are still delaying it, even though I think we’re out of the dark tunnel now. But it will not be ready for Stage tests this month, which was our plan.

I also sat down with Klaus to talk about the state of the Hattrick economy. As you know, we constantly monitor the global economy as it’s not self regulating, and it’s one of Klaus’ tasks to collect information and analyze it. As it is, the average team is making a surplus every week and the surplus right now is about the same as it was at the same time last season.

However, as it looks the average team’s surplus will become smaller for each week from now on, which of course isn’t a healthy situation in the long run. Prices on the transfer is also falling (as a result of the increased training speed some seasons ago), and while a price decrease was something that has been rather good for the game overall –  it can naturally not go on forever.

All in all, there’s no need for any immediate actions. But for the season after next (the one starting in June), we will most likely have to take action. And if our predictions are correct, you’ll get more info about this on editorial space during next season.