A look behind the curtain

Whatever happens in the Hattrick office stays in the Hattrick office? Well, not necessarily. Here’s what’s been happening (and happens) behind the curtain lately:

First we have spent some time on our internal bug reporting system, as it wasn’t in line with how we’re working anymore. The background here is that we’re aiming on becoming better and more efficient on handling bugs and similar issues, but we realized that we would never reach that aim with a tool that is very inefficient to work with. So even though this meant working with the backend (which is not really the general focus right now), it just needs to get done. And we believe it will pay off in the end as well.

There is still some things left to do in this area as well before we can use our upgraded tool for real, but at least we’re getting closer and closer to that date.

We have also started working on new stuff for Supporter, to strengthen our Supporter package. I will come back with more info regarding this work in January, when I also expect it to hit Stage for testing.

And personally I’ve started to prepare coming sprints (=task/project we focus on for a certain period of time), writing specs and letting my creativity loose a little – which feels good to start with after my parental leave. This said, the board’s decisions about the Supporter format might have an effect on what the development team needs to focus on early next year, and the board haven’t finalized their discussions yet and reached a decision (it’s not that far away as I understand though). But with this in mind, I’ll hold on further information about these sprints until the board has made their decision and I know more about how the upcoming schedule will look like.

And with that I have only one (or two) more thing to add:

Merry Christmas and a happy new year! I hope you all will have a splendid holiday. See you next year!