End of the constant match delays

Lately we have spend a whole lot of time to fix the problem with the constant match delays, which have haunted you for a while now. And I can  now glady say that these problems should be out of the world, and your matches should start on time from now on.

What we’ve done is a lot of site optimization. Because it’s often not just one culprit or one reason to why delays like this happen, it’s many small things which build up and together cause delays to happen.

But with the optimization we’ve now done, the site looks faster than ever. Which feels great, as you now get the experience you should get – but also because we can focus on more amusing tasks again.

Just so you don’t get the wrong image here; we usually pay a lot of attention when writing our code, so that it’s efficient and doesn’t use more load than needed. This is something you don’t really have to care much about if you just write code for a low traffic site, but for a site like Hattrick it’s really crucial. Yet it’s clear that we have to pay even more attention to this. We also need to have more thourough checks so we don’t reach the barrier for how much load the servers can handle on match times (when the load from all online users are the highest). And if so optimize the site in time, before you experience any delays.

On a totally different note, but related to stuff that returns to normal: My days as (almost) a full-time father is over. I’m back.

(Adding a disclaimer at the bottom is alwas a good thing: Now please don’t read this post as there will never be one single delay ever again, there’s always a risk that something out of the ordinary happens. Just read this as the days of constant match delays should be over. Thank you.)