Smashing bugs

New name and a new location, but apart from that it’s very similar to Operation Bugsplat a few months ago. Today and tomorrow we will execute Operation Bugsmash; the whole team sits together totally devoting the time for fixing bugs and similar problems (small annoyances for example). Longer release notes than usual is to be expected this week, yes.

To close a cycle we started off with releasing something we did an all-in on the Bugsplat operation: Player Swaps. They’ve now been tested enough and are live on the site for everyone to enjoy.

I can’t publish any photos from this event right now though, for the simple reason that I’m not there myself. The “we” here isn’t really “we”, but them this time. As you might remember I’m on parental leave and only working Mondays, and I just couldn’t arrange to participate in this operation myself this time.

So while the rest of the team devote their time on bugs in the south of Sweden, I’m in Stockholm devoting my time on player loyalty and new staff. Right now mostly about the former, as it’s soon time to present all the details for you.

Got a few things to close first before I can do that. It’s mostly interface issues, but I want to close them first before you get all the details. Stay tuned (but I can almost promise you will get the details on a Monday).