Holiday (and parental) time ahead

I’ve had a marvellous time in the forums today. Mostly because the vast majority of reactions around the game news published earlier today have been really positive naturally, it just feels great that these news to the game are wanted and managers (at least most of you as it seems) are looking forward to them. I can for sure tell you that I’m really looking forward to these additions as well.

The other thing that I enjoyed was that the athomosphere in the forums around this has been very nice, even from people who may not necessarily think exactly as we do. It makes it so much easier to respect and take those opinions into account. So kudos for that.

My last couple of weeks have mostly been about complete the design of the new staff, and to finish the specification of it. Some details are yet to decide on, but the general stuff is done. After that I’ve been writing the editorial you’ve just read (hopefully, and if not – read it!).

Needless to say I think all this has built up quite an amount of stress and anticipation within me, especially since I really thought it was needed for me to finish this before I went on vacation. But in this very moment I feel that stress is going away from my body, and I know I can go on vacation and just be relaxed.

Because vacation it is now (actually it has been for a few days, even though I’ve worked a quite a few hours anyway). For real. And after my vacation I will be on parental leave for some months taking care of my little son, so it will be a longer “vacation” than usual this time.

I will still work one day a week during my parental leave, and then totally devote that time to game design issues (especially the new staff implementation naturally). I’m also planning to blog here on regular basis, so you will hear from me even though my forum time will be cut.

With this said: Having a really nice summer (or winter – if you’re on that side of the world) everyone!