Operation Bugsplat

A few hours ago we started up Operation Bugsplat. This operation has been planned for a few weeks and for this purpose we packed our gear and relocated to a small town south of Malmö. Here we have set up what one could call a mobile war room from where we will execute our attacks on the nasty creepers.

Today and tomorrow the whole team will sit together and only focus on getting bugs out of the Hattrick system. Hattrick, not Hattrick Open. Before we got here, we made up a list over the bugs that are most important to fix. So once here, we could move straight into action.

Hattrick mobile war room
Bughunters in action

Right now we’re in the middle of our first offense, and before this day ends we will probably have time for an evening raid as well. And before we leave this place tomorrow afternoon/evening there will be a second and a third offense as well. So, I think it’s safe to say that the list of fixed bugs in the next release will be quite significant. Make sure to read the next release notes in system status.

The only ones who are not present are Gusy, Klas and Paul. Gusy still takes part of this operation though (and a very active role), but Klas and Paul will continue their work on Hattrick Open.