Operation completed – back to base

Operation Bugsplat turned out to be very efficient, even more efficient than we thought it would – and also a lot of fun. During these two days we managed to fix about 50 tickets (a ticket can be about a bug, an annoyance or some other kind of problem) and we also did an all-in on player swaps – woha!

So tomorrow we will release all the bug fixes to the site, and we’ve also completed the work on player swaps, so that one will hit stage tomorrow for testing. But the best thing is really that we have cleared our backlog a bit, making the life of our devs who normally handle tickets on daily basis a lot better.

This week it’s back to business as usual again. The focus of this and next week is “My office” (more known as the new game introduction). While new users already get a first version of this (which has had a positive impact on stay rate among newbies), this project is not yet completed.

What we’re at now is to make My office the start page for all users, instead of the My Hattrick news page. It’s not that much left to do, but a few things that we need to polish before we feel we can release it for everyone.

When this is done the first step of this project is completed, and that’s what we will aim on for these two weeks. There are two more steps after that, both aimed at new users and their intitial gaming experience. One is that they can choose players and trainers (kind of like you pick players in Hattrick Open) and the other one is a better introduction/tutorial, replacing the manager licence challenge. And those are things I think will have an even bigger impact on the stay rate among newbies.