Hattrick down

We have a problem with the connection to our servers, or rather our servers have a problem to connect to the outside world as it looks. So, we’re currently trying to get a hold of our ISP to get more information, as it’s most likely a network problem somewhere at their end.

And because of the servers can’t speak with the outside world, we can’t stop transfers or anything. Nor get the downweb up.

I’ll keep you informed on what’s happening.

Update 14:50: Ok, the reason for Hattrick being down is because we are the target of a massive DDoS attack. We are likely to be down as long as the attack is ongoing, and there is unfortunately very little we can do to stop it.

About two weeks ago we were also down because of DDoS attacks, which lasted for a few hours. However that time we chose not to make that information public.