A little glimpse of the new intro

The first step of the new game introduction is almost completed. Almost. Because there are some things left to do. But it’s ready enough to give you a first glimpse of how it looks like.

What you see below is the dashboard, or my office. This is the start page for the new users, the page they come to after logging in (in fact, with time all users will get this page as their start page). One can say it’s divided in three parts:

At the top of the main window is where the story is told and where you’re getting different kind of information. This is done by different characters, in this case the chairman of the board. Other characters are your trainer and your secretary to start with. The latter will for example notify you when there is a new My Hattrick message to read, and similar things.

Below in the main window you have the Upcoming events; a calendar for the next 7 days with information what’s happening each day. So you can plan ahead.

To the right you have the boxes with team news and team events,  which I think is quite familiar to you already (you find them on the My Hattrick page today).

In a way you can say that things that are happening are found at the top in the main window (story section), things that will happen in the future are found below in the main frame (upcoming events), and things that have happened are found to the right. Oh so logical, don’t you think? 🙂

Hattrick managers new office

I think there is still too much white around the text/avatar in the “story card” and so on, but as I said – it’s ready enough for you to get your first glimpse even though there are some things left to do. Hope you like it!