Testing, testing

The last couple of weeks we’ve been fully occupied with the first step of the new game intro (see my last blog post), and all things related to a new season naturally with new leagues and so on. These two things were what I was about to blog about, but it will have to wait – we just got visitors here at the office.

Tonight we’re having a live user test. We have invited a few people – some of them play Hattrick and some don’t –  to a first user test of something we’ve been working on for a while. In a test like this, the main thing for us is not really to see if everything works but rather to see if you understand what you’re supposed to do and if the interface is clear enough. What we do is that we sit behind the tester and study what he does, if he understands what do to or if he’s get stuck somewhere. Etc.

User test at the office

Marcus (HT-Bodin) studies Martin.

Ok, I hear you: Cut the crap – what are you testing?
It’s still hush-hush, so I can’t say that much about it just now. But I just couldn’t resist blogging about it. And ok, I want to make you a bit curiuos as well – I admit. 🙂

But lets put it this way: it’s something related to Hattrick but it’s not on Hattrick itself. And without saying too much; I’m quite sure it’s something you’ve been longing for.

User test at the office

Martin (another one) and Ola, with Chris (front) and Klas (back) hanging over their shoulders.