Marketing meetings ftw

I mentioned I was quite relaxed yesterday, and I that felt really fine in the morning. Well, one marketing meeting later and I felt like I had been hit by a doubledecker bus – but in a good way (lets skip the discussion of whether there is a good way to get hit by a bus though).

It was just a very good meeting, filled with a lot of creativity – and intensity. And after a few hours in that envrionment, that intensity finally got me. Or if it was the air circulation in the room (read: lack of), hard to say.

My morning intention was to give you a follow-up directly after the meeting, but that bus came inbetween. After a few minutes of staring on my screen like a moron, I just gave up. Don’t know if I drooled as well, but it’s possible. I tried to come to my sences and answer a few forum posts, but after a few minutes I just throwed in the towel.

Often when people talk about marketing they talk about where to place ads and banners. We did not. There is nothing wrong with doing ad campaigns, but they just haven’t given that much in return. At least not compared to other things. And there is so much more one can do.

What we’ve done the last couple of months is to set up new communication channels, and use them to provide a better communication with our customers. This blog is one such channel, Facebook and Twitter are others. Naturally we also hope to find new managers this way, especially through Facebook but also Twitter later on.

What we will focus on the coming months on this area is not to attract more visitors to our front page, but to make the most of them who already get there. And then also look at all chains from there, and improve them so that we take better care of our customers – especially in the early stages. I’m talking about a more attracting start page and to test different approaches on the sign-up stage, but also have go on how we remind people that haven’t logged in for a while.

How we welcome and tutur new managers to the game is naturally also of importance here, but that is also a big task. It’s nothing you do on a Friday afternoon exactly. But there is also so many other things, which requires a lot smaller effort, which also can make a difference. Those we will focus on, as well as finding different ways to promote the word of mouth about Hattrick.

But speaking about newbies/tutorials, we will also make a test with users not going through the Manager Licence challenge (the current guide to the game). When the MLC was introduced some years back it really made a difference on the stay rate among new users, but we like to try and see what impact it has nowadays. I’m currently testing this test, and hopefully we can soon roll out the test (which some new users will do, not all). I’ll probably get back on this.

We also think about a totally new guide for new users, including a better game help in general. I’m also sketching on one, as I think this is deadly important even though it’s a bigger project. Just thought I mentioned it, I think you would ask otherwise.

I actually had some more things to share (not about marketing though, about training), because even though my working day ended there – it actually took off again around midnight. But I’ll save that story for next week, this is long enough as it is.