Business as usual

The game council were supposed to meet today, but as Klas caught a virus (or a virus caught him) we had to  postpone it to next week instead. Which feels a bit disappointing, it’s one of those meetings you really look forward to and it was also the main reason for going to Malmö this time. It’s naturally always nice to meet the rest of the gang (and this time they were so kind to serve me “spettkaka” (the traditional cake from this region, see picture below)  on the coffee break, first time I’ve eaten it) and it’s always nice to sleep a whole night as I’m not exactly spoiled with that. But I just had higher expections for this trip. Oh well, at least I’ve something to look forward to next week.

Spettkaka (small example, bigger ones exists). Tastes mostly like meringue in case you wonder.

So, instead it’s business as usual. For most people in the office business as usual has been about working with the reopening of CHPP. For me , who’s not that involved in the CHPP project, it’s lately been about preparing things for the game council. Which means, in short, to create future game plans, collect different ideas and work on specifications for different game features. My biggest focus in this department right now in this work is to finalize the design of the new staff system, something I do together with flameron. And as the new staff system is meant to balance different strategies against each other (one of the design goals), it really affects all aspects of the game and especially which strategies we want in the game – so it’s a little bit more complicated than what meets the eye.

But I can tell, it’s great fun and it really triggers your brain department – at all possible times really. It’s not uncommon that my brain starts thinking about these issues in the middle of the night, when I’m lying on the carpet beside my daughter’s  bed in her room trying to get her to fall asleep (again). I guess one could call it working around the clock. 🙂

Oh, and an update: One month has passed since I bought the two new games and I’ve completed 1,5 chapter of the first one. Both completed in March seems to be a fair prediction after all. But I got two on duty evenings coming up (Friday and Sunday) now, so one never knows.