The Josef Bican of Hattrick

His name is not Josef, neither he is from Czechia. He is our own Pedro “Apache” Zurita from Argentina, born at 7th December of 2002! You might not know or read about him on the forum, but he is the most prolific player in the history of Hattrick.

Pedro was the first player that beat the mark of 400 goals. Then he didn’t stop there. He also hit the same record of 500, 600, 700, 900 and now 1000 goals. Apache is also the player with the most matches in a National Team (222) and the player with the highest experience (68 or Divine+48) ever!

There was an unfortunate event in his early life when he got injured in a league match, but the owner decided to change him to a coach and miraculously healed by his severe wounds.

Thanks to Pedro, Hattrick soon will have a new memorable event. “Hit 1000 goals record!”. This event will be available for any player in the future. For that reason, Pedro will also receive another, unique event for the first player reaching 1000 goals in his career.

Let’s see who is coming behind Pedro. Raymond Elias and Sergiy Chubenko have 908 and 804 goals ever respectively. However, the latter is injured and cannot get his feet back to the pitch, since he has already become a coach once. So, we pray for Raymond to be the second player in history to get the ultimate event!

Pedro came second in number of hattricks with 127, while Raymond is the first one with 156 hattricks in total! Awesome! Amar Atwal and Gerardo Romão follow Pedro in the most experienced player, but unfortunately, both are hard hit by fate and injured without the option to heal again.

Can Pedro be the best in every stat? It’s not late Apache! You can improve yourself even more. With 28 matches for the U20 National Team, he didn’t make it to the top 10, where Bilashi Kyobe, Eric Boafo and Hứa Văn Tuyên guard the top 3 with 63, 61 and 61 caps each.

We wish our Pedro a long life and hopefully be the first one again who will get the next, new and unique, memorable event!