[Feedback] The new Training Page

It’s been a while since I published a post in our Developers blog. Time flies, isn’t it? So many changes out there, in Hattrick and in the real World. We turned 20 with one of the most successful email campaigns ever and Facebook shut down an AI after two robots started talking each other on their own, unique language. I could say, both are impressive achievements!

This time, I will use the Dev blog for a different reason. It is an experiment we want to do and if everything goes well, we will try to do it again in the future.

During the last year, we’ve published 3 new, redesigned pages. Live page, tactics room and match orders page. Those didn’t have only a new layout, but also some extra features that could improve your user experience. We received both positive and negative feedback and we spent months on stage and global forum implementing users’ suggestions.

As we mentioned in one of our previous Editorials (Spring Roadmap: Orders, Training & More), it is in our plans to work with a new training page where not only a new design will be created, but also tools and features that will enhance the transparency we opted for the last seasons.

I will share with you a mockup design and explain all the ideas we have about each part of it. Keep in mind that we haven’t started working on it and the design is just a draft. So, focus on usability and functionality only.

As you can see in the above image, the page consists different blocks that we will explain one by one.

Training Instructions

Training instructions was one of the most important elements on the page. However, it is on the bottom of the current page. In the new one, it will be the first thing you see when you open it.

As you can see, we don’t have two different inputs of training level and stamina share anymore. We have dropped the training level and replace it with the boot camps that I will explain later. For stamina share now, it is not clear not everyone that the highest the stamina percentage, the slower the training will be. This will be more clear on the slider where you can see that with 15% stamina share, you will train 85% of short passes (yes, I know that playmaking is selected :P). As an addition, a Hattrick Average line will indicate what most Hattrick users have chosen for their teams.

Training Preview

This is a totally new feature that I feel you will love. At least, I did. One of the main problems of new (and old) Hattrick users was the training week. When does it start? What players will receive training? What will happen if I send on the field those specific players in my friendly game?

Training preview has two columns. One for the weekend match and one for the friendly/cup match. If you visit this page before those two matches, it will either show your default lineup or your lineup orders or just nothing. After the weekend match, you will be able to see a list of the players that will receive training on the next training update based on the previous match. With this training preview, you will easily create your weekly training plans and have an idea of what will happen on the upcoming update.

Training History

Training History will include all the weekly updates. Skill ups and downs and form updates. We have different ideas about it, like aggregating select options. For example, “show me the last skill up of scoring from all my players for the current season”. By clicking on a specific player, you get a graph with his training history. We have plenty of ideas but would like to read yours as well.

Training Efficiency

This will be your favorite. We thought about a break down on the total training efficiency. A feature that will let you know exactly the difference between the passable and the solid coach. Having 7 instead of 8 assistant coaches or just decrease your training speed. You don’t only have a static view of your current staff, but by enabling the Sandbox mode, you will be able to change all those values and see the results in both total training efficiency and the training predictions. Again, line indicators will give you an idea of what the average Hattrick user has.

Training Estimation

Not a lot of changes here. The most important is the live update when you enable the Sandbox and the Stamina addition on the predictions.

Boot Camps

As I mentioned earlier, we dropped the training level. It was confusing and playing around with it could lead to serious, negative impacts on your team. Known as the training intensity trick. However, we didn’t want to remove the option for the sake of users that liked it. So, if you want to increase your team spirit, then you can send your team to a small trip, to bind together in a spa or a ski resort. This will not affect the training, but it will have similar effects as the training intensity trick. You could choose between 1, 2 or 3 weeks to send your team away on bonding activities. The more weeks, the higher the effect. What is the difference? You will know with each choice how much your team spirit will increase and your players will just miss the same amount of weeks on form update (like as if he didn’t play a match) and will get a small penalty on background form.


Not a big change here. Just an arrow to show if the formation has been increased or decreased since the last match.

Head Coach

As you can see, no more head coaches on the training page. We will move them to the staff page where it should belong since the first day.

That’s all for now. We will keep a note of all your suggestions and ideas for the next week and we will put them on the discussion table before we actually start implementing the new training page.

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