Transfer Market Stats

We are almost 2 seasons since the improvements we did in Hattrick economy and I was eager to share with you some graphs about the transfer market and how different type of players have been affected. So, I make a call to the CEO of Banque Sunesson and he sent me the following graphs.

Note: Prices are in SEK currency. Example: 100 000 SEK = 10 000 €. Also, all the skills that are not mentioned in the tables, are below inadequate (5). The orange line in the graphs is a Moving Average with interval equal to 7 and the second horizontal axis is the respective week of the season.


Keeper, 20 years old


Skill Level
Keeper 15




Playmaker, 20 years old


Skill Level
Playmaking 15




TDF, 26-29 years old


Skill Level
Playmaking 12 – 14
Passing 15 – 16
Scoring 9 – 12




Playmaker-Winger, 26-29 years old


Skill Level
Playmaking 13 – 15
Winger 15 – 17




Keeper, 27-29 years old


Skill Level
Keeper 16
Defending 10 – 13
Set Pieces > 15




Playmaker, 30-32 years old


Skill Level
Playmaking 15 – 16
Passing 15 – 16




Playmaker, 17 years old (up to 30 days & Head speciality)


Skill Level
Playmaking 7
Passing 6 – 7




Scorer, 17 years old (up to 30 days & Head or Quick specialty)


Skill Level
Scoring 7
Passing 6 – 7




What do you think about the transfer market? Have you seen the difference in player prices in your team? Share your thoughts in the comments or in the forum. And let’s close with a joke about economy:

Inflation is when you pay fifteen dollars for the ten-dollar haircut you used to get for five dollars when you had hair.

Did you enjoy it? Do you want more blog posts like this one? We plan to publish one blog post every month and once or twice per month a simple graph that could be about users demographic, economy, match engine, forums or whatever you feel it would be great! Send us your feedback and tell us what exactly you want to do for the next time.