Focus on Supporter

With ratings released a while ago, we began working on Supporter related things. First off was the instant Supporter trial for new users, which also came with better information about what Supporter has to offer. And since last week, this trial is also out.

The main focus for this autumn will be Supporter, in various ways. Ever since we released the first version of Hattrick Supporter 10 years ago, we’ve continually added new features to it and today the Supporter package contains a lot of great features. However, one thing we haven’t really done during all these years is redefining what Supporter is or what Supporter should be in the future. And it’s naturally of high importance, since Supporter is our main source of income.

I don’t know, it may perhaps sound like an easy thing to do to you, but it’s really not. It’s very much the backbone in the whole product, and it affects what things that should be included, what things it shouldn’t include and also how to present it. So, we’ve had a lot of talk around this, and some really good workshops and group exercises – you know, such things I’ve heard that real companies do. 🙂 Only that they probably end the day/evening with playing Eclipse (really good board game), we do have more fun!

Supporter in a boxSupporter in a box 2
A box with Supporter, please. Or take two! One workshop task was to “package” Supporter in a box. Jesper and Erik plus Michael and Chris showing their Supporter boxes.

But just so anyone don’t get any false assumptions here: No, we’re not planning on touching our key principle that Supporter should be about extra features that aren’t really needed to be successful in the game, but they should of course give the user something extra of real value. Where the latter is really important.

But yes, in case you’re wondering: Developing some new great Supporter features are also included in this. 🙂

Anyways. Now you know what I’ve been doing lately. That and occasionally playing Plague on my iPhone and the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim.