The new Manager License

As I mentioned in my last blog post before I went on vacation, a revamp of the old Manager License Challenge was underway. And it’s now done, we have new shiny Manager License (without the “challenge”)! And well, you’ve heard me say it before and you’ll hear it again – but this truly feels like the best change ever.

The new ML is more like a tutorial then the old one, and we have focused on giving the new user better aid and more – and better – game advice. The tedious and annoying parts that existed in the old MLC are removed, and now you also have to actively finish a task to get your reward (in the old MLC some challenges were completed just by visiting a page, so often challenges were completed without the user even knowing about it).

A little bit more detailed, on the Manager License page there is a list of all the tasks (17 all in all).

Clicking on a task opens up information about what’s it about and what to do. And when a task is completed you collect your reward for the task (clicking the pile of money) on this page.

On the page where the user is meant to complete a task, there is a help box with more detailed instructions and game tips. Like this one for example:

What we’ve also done is a welcome screen (before the user gets his team) followed by a short tour around the site as soon as the team is active (team is active after only a few minutes). This tour is very linear; it takes the new user by the hand to meet his players, set up a preparation match for some instant action and also shows where to find the new Beginner’s guide (a short guide to Hattrick with tips on what to do, and what not to do, in the beginning).

All in all, with these improvements the start of a manager career has been given a much better feel and it’s much clearer what’s expected of you as a new manager. I hope it will show as well.