The art of appreciation

I often read a lot of nice things on the forum. But last week I read a post that made extra glad. But to make you understand why it made so glad, I think you need a little background first.

Have you ever thought about how little we seem to appreciate what we have and what we get? And how much we focus on the negative side of things? Well, I do. A lot. I don’t think you see much of it in public though, but I guess I leave traces of it both here and there on the forums.

Thing is that I just don’t understand why it seems to be more interesting in today’s world to focus on what you didn’t get or what that new (all in all fantastic) thing didn’t do, than focusing on what you actually did get.

Last week we celebrated the Supporter anniversary by giving all Supporters 11 Credits as a birthday gift. 24 hours after the announcement we had 17 posts about this in the global forum. 17. About half of them were “thank you”-posts.

Now imagine if the news would have been negative. We would have got the same amount of posts within 5-10 minutes. Within 24 hours I’m quite sure we would have got 500-1000 posts.

No, I’m not saying this because I’m disappointed on the amount of thank you-posts.
No, I’m not saying this because I think there’s too many critical voices out there.
No, I’m not saying this happens only in Hattrick (we’re probably better of than most other places).

I’m just fascinated by this phenomenon or what to call it, the fashion people in general seem to react on things, or perhaps choose to react. And the reactions on our gift last week is just a good example of this.

When something works as it should, no matter how amazing it is, it does just that. Work. As. It. Should. No need to give it any praise or say anything at all about it. But when this something doesn’t work, IT IS AN OUTRAGE!!!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK (no matter if you’ve spent any or not)!!!!!

As an American comedian put it, we live in a time when everything is amazing but nobody is happy.

But just so you get me right, I don’t think the biggest problem is the amount of negative reactions or so. It’s totally ok to be critical, and different risks should of course be discussed. I just don’t get why the negative perspective is the default one or why the amount of negative feedback always dramatically exceeds the amount of positive feedback. And if something is genuinely good, why don’t we take the time to show our appreciation?

Questions and thoughts like this often occupy my mind, because I think we would be so much better of and a lot happier if we focused more on the positive side of things. And that’s why I was so glad to read this post I talked about in the beginning.

It was from a user that used to be very critical and negative on the forums a while back, but now he has changed his attitude. In the post he says decided to do himself a favor a year ago and stop being so overly negative about the game, and since then he enjoys the game even more. And even though he still thinks we make some mistakes, there is a lot we do right as well.

Frank – thanks for sharing. It really made my day. Well, week actually. πŸ™‚

(If you want to read this post yourself, it’s post #11 in the HT’s decline thread on the Global (English) forum.)