April fools in 3D

It’s very interesting to see all reactions you get on an April Fools joke and of course I thought I should comment on this year’s joke, and our fools jokes (past, present and future) in general. But before I started to write I just got curious and checked up the reactions from last year’s joke and what I wrote back then. And to be honest I wasn’t that surprised that it contained most of the things I wanted to write now. So, if you have very good memory – sorry for repeating me.

Now, from the reactions it’s clear that the vast majority of you appreciate our fools jokes. Some jokes might be better than others, but that’s how it is and it’s all a matter of taste in the end. I also have to add that our joke this year was really good, one our best ever I think. But even if most people enjoy our jokes, I will actually focus mostly on those who don’t in this post. You know, to explain why we do this and why we think it’s important. Well, give it a try at least.

Some say doing jokes like this is a waste of time, as nothing of it can be used in the game world and thus is of no use. I respect that opinion, but I strongly disagree with it as I find it utterly boring having to be deadly serious about everything. Sometimes you just need a good laugh. Just as you sometimes want to go out and have a good night out, for no other reason than to have a good time. Sure, we can all work 16-18 hours per day and devote the rest to sleep and eat (but eat really, really fast then – enjoying it would be a waste!), but would the world really become a better place if so?

So, for no other reason than just having some fun we spend a little dev resources on creating April Fools jokes. This year we spent about 0,04% of our yearly dev resources, and I think it’s time very well invested (to be honest, the spending the double would be totally ok too). Even if it’s for no other reason than for the fun of it and sharing that fun with the community. Naturally we also want to show that even though we’re very serious about what we do, we also want to give you this side of us and joke a little  – mostly with ourselves and sometimes perhaps even about our own shortcomings. We don’t have to take ourselves so seriously, I mean you have to be able to joke about yourself as well.

Anyways, I think most negative reactions this time was about us joking about a 3D match viewer though, as it’s common wish at least from some users (but fram from all) and thus nothing to joke about. However, this is also what made it perfect to joke about.

Hattrick is a game proudly presented in text. That’s what we are, and we don’t try to be anything else. And that’s not likely to change either as we believe a 3D match viewer has little to do with how good the game can be in the long run. To be honest, most of the viewers for manager games I’ve seen haven’t really impressed me at all, plus that it’s a gigantic project to complete. I just don’t see that big benefits of doing it. Other games may think it is for them, and for pure football simulation games  like FIFA it’s naturally obligatory. But we’re not that kind of game.

So, sorry guys and girls if you’re one of them who really fancy such a viewer. There is definitely things that can be improved in the live experience, but any 3D or 2D match viewer is just not likely to happen. And I guess some of you couldn’t appreciate the joke because of that, but in the end the best jokes also have to challenge your thoughts and opinions a bit. At least that’s what I think, and I think we pulled this off quite nicely. If I’m allowed to say so.