Code camp

And now for something completely different…

Code camp.

With the first version of Tournaments done and before we start working on the next bigger project, we’ve relocated ourselves for a code camp over the weekend.


Hattrick dev campers in action
Dev campers in action. From left to right: Johan, Erik (barely shown), Klas (more or less hidden), Chris, Ulf (well, his back at least), Bodin (hidden behind Ulf), Jakob, Klaus, Aartspam, Mammo, Michael and Gusy (temporarily next to Michael, her original spot is in the middle of the table between Aartspam and Mammo)

What we want with this camp is not to build something big, but to build something new from idea to finished feature within these days. Naturally, this something should be nice and useful. And of course, we also want to have a good time together and have fun along the way. That’s just as important I think.

As you might have guessed from the latest news announcement, we’ve done some fixing and tweaking with our invite system. But to the honest, these fixes don’t make invite system good enough. And there are no fixes or tweaks that will make it good enough either. It’s just not…good, fact is it’s quite the opposite. So, with this in fresh mind – we decided to have a go on a new invite system. You know, a user-friendly one.

It feels like we’ve come a long way today, so I got good hopes that we’ll have ourselves a better invite system at the end of the weekend.

(As I know some of you probably will ask what our next (bigger) project is, you will get information about that quite soon. Rest assured.)