And we’re down again

Here I was really looking forward to a calm and cosy Saturday, take the kids (yes, the boy is alive and kicking since a week now) and the dog out in the forest, watch some football on telly and yadayada. Well, looks like those plans are screwed now. Right now it looks like it’s going to be one of those frustrating days in front of the screen, waiting and hoping that the downtime will be as short as possible. Frustrating is the key word here, for us and for you as well.

Right now we’re investigating why all web servers crashed. The database and game applications (match engine etc) seems to be fine, and because of the downtime I stopped the transfer engine stopped around 11.20. Deadlines will naturally be extended when we’re back online again. As soon as I get more info, I’ll let you know.

Update 12:55: Seems like it’s two problems, but they may naturally be connected. We had a network problem where the web servers couldn’t reach another server, this is now hopefully fixed. But when bringing back the site back online again, the front web servers (responsible for faints for some reason. We keep the site up just to be able to investigate why this is happening when all other web servers are replying fast.

Update 13:35: And it seems it was a firewall problem, which is hopefully solved now. We’re back online again, but we’re keeping a close eye on things. No cheering just yet, and we will wait a few minutes at least before we extend the transfer deadlines.