Goodbye ol’ office

There are many new things to get used these days. Hattrick is not our baby anymore, it’s our teenager – scary thought. And at the very end of last week we packed the stuff in our good old office in cardboard boxes, and yesterday we moved out of it for good. Odd feeling. It will be a bit weird not going to the place I’ve spent my days for the last 3-4 years. But in return, I’ll actually get two places now – lucky me.

The old Tjeck headquarter in decline

The old Tjeck headquarter in decline

This move puts a decisive stop to one era, and marks the start of the new era.  And to be honest that feels really great, it’s about time. The new organisation around the development of Hattrick is starting to build up in our new office in Malmö, with new developers joining in. It will take some time before the new organization is fully up to speed, but at least I can see the end of the tunnel of being in between two organisations. The waiting period is over. At last.

Today it’s unpacking on the schedule. The guys developing Popmundo are getting their own office in Stockholm, and they will also let me lend a chair (and a desk!) in their office. It’s naturally a lot smaller, somewhat rougher, but also more charming. This also means I can spend my days out-of-Malmö together with people I know, and people in the same business. Instead of working from home the rest of the days, this solution feels a lot more encouraging.

About Malmö, the “real” restart for the Hattrick development will kick off next week with workshops and meetings, so everyone will be there and talk about our future together. Everyone but me, that is. Because I’m grounded. Or at least not allowed to leave Stockholm for some time. The reason for this is that me and my wife are about to get our second child, and even though I would love to be in Malmö with the rest, I just don’t dare to travel anywhere right now. But I’ll do my best to join in over the phone, if I’m not at the hospital that is.

But after the child is born I will start dividing my time between the office in Malmö, and working from the Popmundo office in Stockholm. Or from home. Which is just like Klas will do, allthough he will divide his time between Malmö and his home outside Örebro (smaller town in the middle of Sweden). But we are the exceptions now, the rest will be located in Malmö.