1 meeting, 1 trip, 2 nights on duty and so on

One can tell I ended last week in a very positive mood; buying two new games for my x-box. Two. Now, this may seem as nothing strange at all for most of you, and I completely understand that. But I’m leaning towards calling it a clear case of hybris.

Kids are miracles, but they don’t do miracles with your gaming time. Since some time back it takes quite some time for me to complete a game, and adding another child on top of that will not exactly improve that situation. Yet I buy not one – but two – new games just a short time after getting my second child. Great thinking there. I expect to complete them some time in March or so…

This last week has been a busy week; involving a game council meeting, a trip to Malmö and I’ve also been babysitting the site for 2 days.

For those who don’t know: the game council is the group responsible for the game design and decisions about the game development, and we sit down at least twice each season. This meeting was mainly about deciding about the final content for next season, or rather deciding on the exact details of the content. As a result I’m now writing an editorial, which I hope to give to the translators at least early next week. This means it will probably be published on the site after round 8 in the series. Don’t expect anything sudden and big though, this season end will be quite calm. Promise.

This week has also been my first week as a commuter, my first week in my new life so to say. I have to say it went like a charm, and something I can get used to. To be honest, it’s quite easy to get used to something when you have so nice people around you. There are still things one can do to make the office a little bit more cosy, but what can you expect from a bunch of computer and game geeks? And we’re not in the business to get a cool office either. Never been, and never will. But getting things more in order wouldn’t hurt.

Hard working guys in the office

A normal Tuesday at the office in Malmö. (The visible ones here are Klas (front left) and Oxidus (middle, face front))