The 16th Anniversary Feature Vote!

And now for something a bit different! As you may know, lots of things have happened in Hattrick the last month. Our parent company Zattikka has gone into administration, and Hattrick has been reacquired by the founders. To kick this new chapter off, and also to celebrate our 16th birthday today, we are inviting all users to decide as a community what our next project will be. Whatever you choose, we will implement it for you in the coming week, and while we do, we will keep you updated on the process here, on the Hattrick Dev Blog. We will also take the opportunity to introduce ourselves, as the Hattrick team is partly reformed, and since we have a new roadmap and a new approach to how we will want to do things.

The vote will take place in the Global forum (Check the thread HT: The 16th anniversary feature vote) and in there you can also read more about the five options. But for safe measure, I will post them here as well.