The organisation is falling into place

Anyone interested in how our organisation looks these days? Yes? That’s exactly what I thought.

First of all we have a few new faces in the team. HT-Ulf and HT-Mammo joined in some few months ago, but just recently got their HT prefix (it takes some time to earn it…) and this week Jens also joined the team. Ulf and Mammo are both database/web developers, and they’re more or less already up to full speed by now. Jens is our new DBA (database administrator) and he will also take care of our hardware (just as our old Jens did). We are also about to finish the recruitement of a support developer, it should be any day now I hope. And we also got a proper web designer in the office, but it remains to be seen how much he will work with HT. Erik is his name anyway.

We are also searching for one or two more developers, but we see no rush. We rather wait for the perfect person to appear, preferably with a genuine HT or game design interest. Or even both.

The dev team is currently divided in two groups. One group (Chris, Ulf and Josef) is currently working with CHPP, bug fixing, preparing the game changes for next season and being the ordinary game support. The other group (Daniel, Klas, Mammo and Oxidus) are working on another project, which I can’t say much about right now. But it will lead to a much better live experience, that much I can say! We also got Winnie (GM-Wrenwin) working part time for us, mostly with staff improvements for our internal administration site.

The community team (myself, Anne, Johan, Aartspam and Durelas) is dealing with a lot of different things; the daily presence on the forums and other places (Facebook, twitter, etc), planning and getting different community events and marketing activities done, supporting our officials in their daily work etc.

And then we naturally also have the always ongoing work with the future game design. This work is lead by me, with help from Ron (flameron) and Johan. And it also includes the game council, quite logically. Currently I’m working with the desing of a new introduction for new users, which will later replace the manager license challenge. It will introduce the game gradually to the new manager, include a better game help and tutorial as well as telling a whole better game story.

Me and Ron are also working with the final design of the new staff system, the next bigger addition to the game which is also meant to balance different strategies against each other. Just to name one design goal with this system. I don’t think I’ll make any false promises when I say you’re going to hear more from me about both these game projects.