Welcome inside our heads…

..and welcome behind the scenes. Welcome to our dev blog – the best blog ever (naturally)!

We want to share what’s going on at the Hattrick office on a normal Wednesday, or on an unusual Tuesday with you, and that’s what this blog is for. We will blog about our daily lives as HT developers, what happens in the office, and share our thoughts with you. This will also be a perfect place for us to comment things that happens in the forums and in the community, and to give our point of view about different things.

We will also take the opportunity to let the persons behind the alias to shine through, and be more personal. And sometimes it may not be even about Hattrick at all. Be aware. 🙂

So, this is not a place where we will announce new features in the game (we got My Hattrick for that), and this is not the place where we will inform about problems or small updates (we got system information for that). This is where you meet us, the people developing this game.

Hattrick Dev blog