User survey insights Q1 2021

Hello Hattrickers!

A few weeks ago, we ran a survey to learn more about your Hattrick experience. We promised to share a summary of the results with you.

We repeated a few of the questions we used for one survey in 2019, and as well questions from a far older survey in 2009. In this way, we were able to get a sense for how our changes have impacted you. When we can draw conclusions around this, we will mention it here. Spoiler alert! In almost every aspect, we have had at least some improvement 🙂

Every once in a while, we make changes to our menu system. A few years ago, we added a dropdown menu while more recently, we restructured the World page. We feel we are doing OK in this respect, since we increased the number of users that find the navigation easy from 27% to 31%, while dropped the not satisfied users to 3% from 4%.

We knew from the previous survey that newbies enjoy the transfer market, with around 39% wanting to spend time trading when they start a new team. Over time, trading becomes less interesting for users. Only 4% say trading helps maintain their interest in Hattrick over the long term. Promoting and winning titles maintains the interest in Hattrick for 53% of our users, while 32% get their main motivation from training their players.

We are also happy to know that 96% of the users have the intention to still play Hattrick in a year from now and that only 3% are unsure if they will stay. 

Something we also try to improve is our presence on Social Platforms. We know from both our surveys that not all of you (43%) find it important to see us out there, but for the rest, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram are the top 3 choices.

When we plan our development, we often have to strike a balance between taking on complex but worthwhile projects that take a long time to complete, and making more frequent feature releases that make users feel the dev team is active and that good things are happening in the game. 

For several seasons, we have tried to have at least periods where we make smaller and more frequent releases, maybe once a week, rather than focus on big projects where we end up in radio silence for months. 83% of you like this approach and we plan to continue like that, at least to have such periods in between the bigger projects (the last of which was the big National Team and the World Cup revamp).

66% feel that it is better to introduce bigger changes in a slower and more deliberate fashion, rather than making big updates in one go, that may force users to adapt plans with less advance warning. 14% of users believe we don’t need any big change in Hattrick at all.

When we asked, back in 2009, what users wanted us to focus our development time on, the number one priority was improvements to the Match Simulation. This time, more users voted for options such as player training and development of the team economy (total 47%), causing Match Simulation to drop to position number 3.

We also asked a few questions about how easy it is to understand different aspects of the game. In game mechanics, game rules and team economy, the situation is quite stable with small improvements (70-80% of users are happy with those). The new training page and all the nice tools we implemented the last few seasons had a great impact in how well users understand the training mechanisms, with happy users jumping from 71% to 79% compared to the previous surveys.

It’s super nice to present positive results. We are happy. You are happy. Everyone is happy! However, it’s time for our first negative feedback. The understanding of the match engine dropped from 73% to 50% compared to 2009. It’s a little hard to make comparisons across 12 years, but this is still a significant drop. We believe this happened for two reasons. 

First, we have introduced several new features where “simplicity” was not at the forefront. Man marking is one such example. Second, we have in recent years walked a path in Hattrick from mystery about how the game works towards absolute transparency. We think this has probably triggered a shift in the perception of Hattrick to something more of a number simulation and less of a football game. The paradox here is that the more explicitly we tell you about how the game works, the less in control you will feel, making the game feel unpredictable. This needs more thought, and we see it as perhaps the most important finding in the survey. We want to strive for a game where the basic concepts are simple and communicated clearly, but where algorithms don’t get in the way of just enjoying the game. We promise that we will get back to this later this year with another survey, dedicated to our Match Engine. 

Managing your staff members was supposed to be fun and an interesting challenge. There are not many that are unhappy about the system either. 1 out of 3 have a neutral opinion and 46% of the users are quite happy. Can we do something to push those neutral to the happy users group? In a similar area, 63% of our users want us to develop more facilities for their teams. Training and medical centers were a few examples we gave during the survey.

At the end of the summary, we have the financial part of the game. 66% of the users are happy with the financial overview and the tools we offer. However, as we see in the chart below, 28% of our users don’t feel comfortable with the Board and the financial limitations it imposes, while 41% of users like it. It’s remarkable that 31% of them are neutral or not sure about it. Can we do anything during the rest of the year to improve this and make more users happy without affecting those that are already satisfied?

Once again, we thank all the 76 347 users who took the time to send their feedback. We appreciate it and we encourage you to do it anytime in local and global fora.

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