It’s not the end, it’s a brand new morning

So the cracks are revealed and the word is out – we have a new baby in the making and it’s soon to be delivered: Hattrick Open

It’s foremost important to say that even though this is a new game and a game of its own; this is also very much a new way of experience Hattrick. And it’s definitely not the end of Hattrick as we know it either. Hattrick Open is not a competitor of Hattrick and it’s not the successor of Hattrick: one can say it’s Hattricks twin brother.

Hattrick Open is based on Hattrick, it uses the same engine for example, but you decide how you want to play it. For as long as I’ve remembered people have always requested to be able to play cups against their friends or within federations, without it affecting training, injuries, cards etc. Until now, it’s just not been possible – simply because it’s not been really possible to add that within Hattrick with how the league and cup competition works.

With Hattrick Open you will now be able to do just that – play against your friends with your Hattrick players without it affecting your team in Hattrick.

Hattrick Open also gives us a playground to try and test new things to add to Hattrick. Most users want improvements, but not changes – which makes it very difficult to add things to Hattrick. With Hattrick Open we get a place where we really can play around and test new things which could be added to Hattrick – without affecting the competition in Hattrick.

Hattrick Open has been developed by a small part of the devleopment team, the majority of devs has always had full focus on Hattrick. But all the development for Hattrick Open has been made so that it should be possible to quite easily add it to Hattrick as well, if we want to. This naturally also goes in the other direction, things we do for Hattrick might also be added to Hattrick Open.

Both Hattrick and Hattrick Open will benefit from each other, and the development of these two games will also benefit from each other. It’s a win-win situation, not a competition.

I think most managers will enjoy playing Hattrick Open as well, but I guess naturally not all of you. And everyone doesn’t have to like Hattrick Open either. You don’t have to play it, you don’t have to pay anything for it. But remember that you will still be able to enjoy the features that will enter Hattrick through Hattrick Open; features where the development has been paid through Hattrick Open tournaments.